Sunday, 31 July 2011

OOTD- She wore a ribbon in her hair...

  • Hair bow- New Look
  • Top- New Look
  • Shorts- Topshop
Hi everyone, I was just about to go out and enjoy the (rare) sunshine and thought I would do a quick OOTD. I've finished my course now and am now a qualified lifeguard, yay. My hair however does not seem very happy with 7 consecutive days of chlorine and swimming pool water, if anyone can recommend some sort of hair repair mask or something similar that would be lovely :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Monday, 25 July 2011

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to my piggy bank Percy...original I know. He is surprisingly large for a piggy bank and if I ever manage to fill him up i'm sure he will weigh a tonne! I purchased him from Argos...and if you look carefully you can see little distorted me in my pj's in his reflection.

Anyway....I started saving loose change about a year ago and my piggy bank is nowhere near full...partly due to how large it is. I recently decided that I will now be saving for something that I wouldn't normally buy, something that would be just too frivolous (bit of self blog promotion there) to buy out of the blue. Now i've been thinking maybe a lovely bag like the mulberry Alexa which is one i've been lusting after for a very long time. Chances are by the time (if ever) I manage to fill it I will have changed my mind anyway....but I like to have a goal. I am also well aware that the contents of Percy is unlikely to reach anywhere near that amount unless i'm filling it purely with £2 coins, which i'm just not rich enough for (I need to use those bad boys). I am also willing to keep filling or refilling Percy well into my 20's, 30's....40's whatever it may be until I can purchase something of value and be proud of my saving ability. Any of you doing something similar? Also any suggestions on what you think I should be saving up for (practical suggestions are just as welcome as those of the frivolous variety) would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to mention that I may be a bit M.I.A in the blogging world this week or the next couple of weeks as I have rather a lot on my plate. I am currently doing a life guard course which at the end of the day leaves me very knackered and smelling nicely of chlorine. I also have a big summer project to do before I go back to can see Percy in the above picture resting on some of my reading material.

Hello to all my new followers, its great having more of you to chat to :)

Hope you enjoyed,


Sunday, 24 July 2011

OOTD -"... Stuck in her daydream"

  • Cardigan- Wallis
  • Chinos- H&M
  • Bag- Miss Selfridge
  • Earrings- Gogo Philip

Hope you've all had a good weekend


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hair: 3 Celebrity Inspired Updos

Hi everyone, thought I would show you some messy updos perfect for summer. They can all be done without applying any heat to your hair so they are quick and easy without being too damaging. I also love the messy look that they all have so you don't have to faff around worrying about the look being too neat or getting messy throughout the day.

1. Mary Kate Olsen: Plaited Headband Updo 
  1. This can be a no heat hairstyle but I like to curl the front sections of my hair to help create the messy look that Mary Kate has, this however is not necessary.
  2. With your hair in a centre parting I then backcombed sections of the hair to give volume.
  3. Take all of your hair to one side and divide into three sections.
  4. Plait all the way down to the ends, no need to be neat.
  5. Pull the plait to wrap around the top of your head.
  6. Fasten securely with hair grips, I like to use two crossing over each other.
  7. Pull out the front sections of hair and any other pieces you think will look good.
  8. Add some hairspray to secure the look, voila!

2. Emma Watson: Higher Messy Bun with Plaits

1. Ensure that your hair is in a side parting for this look.
2. On one side take a section of hair and begin to plait, secure it with a hair tie for now (this will be taken out later).
3. Take another section of hair on the other side of the parting just above the ear and plait all the way down and secure.
4. Leaving the plaits out take the rest of the hair into a high ponytail (if you have very thick hair you may need to fasten this with a hair band).
5. Twist the hair around into a messy bun and fasten with hair grips.
6. Pull the plaits around the head, remove bands and fasten, the way I have pinned them around is just a suggestion.
7. Emma Watson completes her look with a thin red hair band, the hair band is of course optional but I quite like the way it finishes off this hair style.

3. Kate Beckinsale: Relaxed Messy Bun

1. Start with a centre parting and back comb the hair at the crown to give it some volume.
2. Take some hair from either side of the parting just above the ears to create a 'half up half down' look.
3. Pin it at the back with some hair grips, don't be too neat the messier the better.
4. With the rest of the hair, scrunch it up to the back of your head into a messy loose bun.
5. I pinned mine with grips but if you have very thick hair you may also need to use a hair tie.
6. Pull out bits of hair around the face, add a bit of hairspray and you're done :)

Let me know if you try any of these looks out, I would love to see them. Also, if you have any other hair requests I would be happy to give it a go...found I quite like doing hair tutorials :)

Hope you enjoyed,


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ciaté Nail Polish Review- Nude Trio

I had seen the Ciaté Paint Pots floating around the blogging/youtube 'beauty community' for a while and the cute packaging always stood out to me yet I had never tried them or even looked into getting them at all. I had been looking for a good nude colour when I came across Fleur's blogpost on the perfect nude here. The next day I was flicking through the latest issue of Marie Claire and there was a £10 off code for Ciaté...this was definitely a nail polish sign if ever there were here's what I got... 

So whilst looking for the perfect nude I stumbled across 3...typical, they came in a lovely little trio set for £22 it was then £12 after my discount code. There are so many lovely colours to choose from it was a difficult decision but this little gift set seemed perfect. I'm not sure this particular set is still available but they do lots more and all the colours I got; Beach Melba, Couture, Cookies and cream are all available separately at £9 and can be bought from the website here. I don't know if they can be bought in shops, I have not seen them anywhere yet but if anyone has let me know.

Cookies and Cream

This is after 2 coats and its a lovely grey nude...and with such a cute name I knew I would like it!

I was very impressed with how long they lasted. I have never really found a nail polishes that is more long lasting than my trusty Barry M nail paints but this definitely beats it. The above picture was taken after about 5 days of wear, although there are a few small chips at the ends of the nail I would still be perfectly happy to keep it on longer, I only took it off then because I was dying to try out the other colours!


This was the original nail polish I was going to go for and it is probably my favourite out of the three. Its a lovely subtle pinky nude and looks great after 2 coats.

Beach Melba

It was only until I began writing this that I read the name properly and realised it was called Beach Melba not Peach Melba...which explained why it was such a different colour to Barry M's Peach Melba. Anyway, this colour is almost just a sheerer version of Ciaté's Couture. This is after 3 coats of application. Whilst its a very nice colour its probably my least favourite out of the three just because its a bit too nude for me. I do however think it would be a great nail colour if you were doing a french manicure with a white tip, its a really nice natural colour.

There was a time when I didn't think I would find any nail polish to beat the quality and consistency of Barry M's nail paints but this one is definitely in the runnings. Although its a bit pricier and I wouldn't normally pay much more than £3 for a nail polish as there are plenty available for that price I definitely recommend checking out Ciaté, especially as on the website there are a huge range of colours available and they do nice sets which save you a bit of money.

Hope you enjoyed,


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Imperfection is Beauty...

Freckles...I decided to embrace them, some find them cute and endearing,  I have always disliked them. I do however often love them on other people (that's always the case with things about yourself isn't it). Instead of covering them with makeup today I left them exposed and in these summer months they seem to be increasing by the second!

This got me thinking....what are your 'imperfections'? What if you try to embrace them for just one day, why try and cover something that makes you unique. Without trying to sound incredibly cheesy the way I see it is that makeup, beauty products and clothes are there to accentuate and highlight our best features....not cover them up. What are your insecurities ( I know I have many) short, frizzy hair? I would love to know...chances are something you hate is something that somebody else envies you for.

Hope you enjoyed,


Friday, 15 July 2011

OOTD- Freckly Friday

Today it was a lovely sunny day in England...even got some tanning in,which ultimately left me no browner than I started but with an explosion of freckles all over my face......great.

  • Playsuit- Matalan
  • Waistcoat cardigan- Topshop
  • Belt- H&M
  • Wedges- Tesco

Sun and magazine...lovely :)

Threw on my denim jacket from Primark for the evening.

I'm now off out to go watch Harry Potter...very excited! Anyone else going to see it? 

Hope you all have a good weekend,


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gel Eyeliner VS. Liquid Eyeliner

For probably years now I have used liquid eyeliner and found Loreal's super liner carbon gloss to be my favourite. Once I find something I like I tend to stick with it, but I thought I would try out a gel liner as it's something i've never tried. I picked up Maybeline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner as it is fairly cheap and i've heard lots of great things about it.

Maybeline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H

What it says:
  • Lasts 24HR. Non transfer- I found the liner to stay in place however the colour did fade quite a bit to a greyish colour and there was some transfer to near my brow bone (an issue I often have due to the shapes of my eyes)
  • Intense colour- Initially the colour is an intense black but I have found this fades throughout the day.
  • Easy application (fine or thick line)- I would agree that the liner is easy to apply 
It is currently £7.99 at Superdrug but this price does vary depending on where you buy it from. It includes the Gel eyeliner pot and a brush for application. I cannot review this brush as I have nothing to compare it to and therefore also had to use this to apply the liner.

As for the actual product I found it very easy to apply and easy to give a smooth line. I love the matte finish it gives and the colour is an intense black instead of  dark greyish colour that some liners give.

L'oreal's Super Liner Carbon Gloss

What it says:
  • Dries without smudging- Once dry I did not find this eye liner to smudge at all
  • Intense carbon black colour- I agree that the colour of the product is an intense black colour
  • Colour applied with precision and ease- I found applying the eyeliner takes some concentration and practise but becomes easier with time.
The finish that the liner gives is fairly glossy as opposed to matte and from superdrug is priced at £6.19

The only difference in appearance of the liners is the gloss finish in comparison with the matte finish, other than that there is no noticeable difference.

  • Niether eyeliners faded particularly when smudged vigorously 
  • When water was added then smudged the liquid eyeliner completely faded in comparison with the gel liner fading slightly.

Overall I would definitely recommend both of the liners especially for the price. In terms of convenience, initially the gel liner is probably easier to apply however once you get the hang of it, I actually prefer the liquid liner because I just find it quicker compared to having the brush and pot separately. Given the choice I would probably prefer the matte finish that is given by the gel liner and although it stayed put during the water test i've found it fades quite a lot during the day whereas the liquid liner doesn't. I will continue to use both of the liners and do not regret buying either, the liquid liner for when I want to be quick and the gel liner for when I have a bit more time for application. 

Hope you enjoyed,


Friday, 8 July 2011

OOTD- Rainy Friday

Today I went to visit a building to do with a project I am doing for uni, its an outdoorsy place and was very wet, cold and windy....yuck! Happened to have a picture taken with me in it so thought I would show you what I wore, at least I had appropriate footwear on?

  • Denim Jacket- Primark
  • Scarf- Alexander McQueen knock off, random market
  • Skirt- Miss Selfridge
  • Black opaque tights
  • Boots- River Island
  • Bag- Fiorelli

Hope everyone is glad it's friday and has a good weekend! :)


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Frivolous Ramblings

So, this is a bit of a random post that doesn't fit into any sort of category but just had a few things I wanted to write about....

Firstly a quick thank you to my followers and anyone thats read or commented my posts, I've reached 50 followers which compared to some blogs is nothing but it makes me very happy :)

I write about things simply because I enjoy it but people actually wanting to read it makes it that bit more fun! Also if you have any particular requests I would love to hear them

Would also like to make everyone aware if they aren't already of the 'BeautyFashionLifestyle' online blog Its a great way for bloggers to get together and chat the things we all love. It was started by the lovely definitely recommend checking her blog out too :)

Lastly would just like to mention my excitement for the final Harry Potter movie.

Just been watching the premier in London on TV and well...wasn't that emotional. I've already booked my ticket to go see it and am very excited! May also do a bit of blogging about some of the gorgeous dresses that were worn at the premiers...I do love a glamorous red carpet event!

Anyone else just as excited as me?

Hope you enjoyed,


Monday, 4 July 2011

5 Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks

1. Rimmel Nude Delight 700

2. Rimmel Nude Pink 206

3. Rimmel Soft Coral 600

4. Loreal Cashmere 232

5. Rimmel Signature Red 175

What are you're favourite drugstore lipsticks?

Hope you enjoyed,