Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gel Eyeliner VS. Liquid Eyeliner

For probably years now I have used liquid eyeliner and found Loreal's super liner carbon gloss to be my favourite. Once I find something I like I tend to stick with it, but I thought I would try out a gel liner as it's something i've never tried. I picked up Maybeline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner as it is fairly cheap and i've heard lots of great things about it.

Maybeline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H

What it says:
  • Lasts 24HR. Non transfer- I found the liner to stay in place however the colour did fade quite a bit to a greyish colour and there was some transfer to near my brow bone (an issue I often have due to the shapes of my eyes)
  • Intense colour- Initially the colour is an intense black but I have found this fades throughout the day.
  • Easy application (fine or thick line)- I would agree that the liner is easy to apply 
It is currently £7.99 at Superdrug but this price does vary depending on where you buy it from. It includes the Gel eyeliner pot and a brush for application. I cannot review this brush as I have nothing to compare it to and therefore also had to use this to apply the liner.

As for the actual product I found it very easy to apply and easy to give a smooth line. I love the matte finish it gives and the colour is an intense black instead of  dark greyish colour that some liners give.

L'oreal's Super Liner Carbon Gloss

What it says:
  • Dries without smudging- Once dry I did not find this eye liner to smudge at all
  • Intense carbon black colour- I agree that the colour of the product is an intense black colour
  • Colour applied with precision and ease- I found applying the eyeliner takes some concentration and practise but becomes easier with time.
The finish that the liner gives is fairly glossy as opposed to matte and from superdrug is priced at £6.19

The only difference in appearance of the liners is the gloss finish in comparison with the matte finish, other than that there is no noticeable difference.

  • Niether eyeliners faded particularly when smudged vigorously 
  • When water was added then smudged the liquid eyeliner completely faded in comparison with the gel liner fading slightly.

Overall I would definitely recommend both of the liners especially for the price. In terms of convenience, initially the gel liner is probably easier to apply however once you get the hang of it, I actually prefer the liquid liner because I just find it quicker compared to having the brush and pot separately. Given the choice I would probably prefer the matte finish that is given by the gel liner and although it stayed put during the water test i've found it fades quite a lot during the day whereas the liquid liner doesn't. I will continue to use both of the liners and do not regret buying either, the liquid liner for when I want to be quick and the gel liner for when I have a bit more time for application. 

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  1. I think I prefer liquid, I'm not so good at applying gel/cream. Great reviews :)

  2. Oh nice, thanks for sharing! I have never tried gel eyeliner maybe I will now.

  3. i really want to try out the gel eyeliner, it doesn't sound too bad. great review. x

  4. Really feel like I should invest in a gel liner! Especially if they are this water resistant when it places in the eye! Xo

  5. Gonna have to check this out!


  6. Due to this review, i bought this gel eyeliner, and I totally love it! :-)

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  7. Great post!


  8. i ve always ben curious about gel liners.. thanks for this detailed review!