Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hair: 3 Celebrity Inspired Updos

Hi everyone, thought I would show you some messy updos perfect for summer. They can all be done without applying any heat to your hair so they are quick and easy without being too damaging. I also love the messy look that they all have so you don't have to faff around worrying about the look being too neat or getting messy throughout the day.

1. Mary Kate Olsen: Plaited Headband Updo 
  1. This can be a no heat hairstyle but I like to curl the front sections of my hair to help create the messy look that Mary Kate has, this however is not necessary.
  2. With your hair in a centre parting I then backcombed sections of the hair to give volume.
  3. Take all of your hair to one side and divide into three sections.
  4. Plait all the way down to the ends, no need to be neat.
  5. Pull the plait to wrap around the top of your head.
  6. Fasten securely with hair grips, I like to use two crossing over each other.
  7. Pull out the front sections of hair and any other pieces you think will look good.
  8. Add some hairspray to secure the look, voila!

2. Emma Watson: Higher Messy Bun with Plaits

1. Ensure that your hair is in a side parting for this look.
2. On one side take a section of hair and begin to plait, secure it with a hair tie for now (this will be taken out later).
3. Take another section of hair on the other side of the parting just above the ear and plait all the way down and secure.
4. Leaving the plaits out take the rest of the hair into a high ponytail (if you have very thick hair you may need to fasten this with a hair band).
5. Twist the hair around into a messy bun and fasten with hair grips.
6. Pull the plaits around the head, remove bands and fasten, the way I have pinned them around is just a suggestion.
7. Emma Watson completes her look with a thin red hair band, the hair band is of course optional but I quite like the way it finishes off this hair style.

3. Kate Beckinsale: Relaxed Messy Bun

1. Start with a centre parting and back comb the hair at the crown to give it some volume.
2. Take some hair from either side of the parting just above the ears to create a 'half up half down' look.
3. Pin it at the back with some hair grips, don't be too neat the messier the better.
4. With the rest of the hair, scrunch it up to the back of your head into a messy loose bun.
5. I pinned mine with grips but if you have very thick hair you may also need to use a hair tie.
6. Pull out bits of hair around the face, add a bit of hairspray and you're done :)

Let me know if you try any of these looks out, I would love to see them. Also, if you have any other hair requests I would be happy to give it a go...found I quite like doing hair tutorials :)

Hope you enjoyed,



  1. All 3 looks really suit you, I love the Olsen one ! Lovely post x

  2. Absolutely Emma all the way, she's my favourite!!! Wish I could be like her!, btw lovely post on hairdos, nice one!


  3. Hey! Thank you very much for your comment. Your blog is great! I was looking for just such a blog because I like to play with her ​​hair: P and sorry for any spelling mistakes in this commentary but translating by google translator.

  4. i love the emma watson look. this is a great post!
    elizabeth x

  5. Yay to Harry Potter, haha! :)

    I Love the hairstyles! Especially the first one.

  6. Oh wow, I love all 3 looks! And you make it look so easy and effortless! I might give some of these a go :)xx

  7. Love these looks. I'll make sure to try them soon. Your blog looks great.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It means a lot. xxx

  8. i love all 3! cant wait for my hair to grow so i can try them out! xxx

  9. Really detailed tutorial!when my hair grows out i'll try the first one

  10. All these hairstyles are gorgeous and perfect for the summer, I can't decide which one its my favourite! x

  11. All very pretty! I love the first one the most :)

  12. Love the Mary-Kate Heidi-style braids! xxx

  13. THese suit you so much. I love how these are put together.

    I nominated you for a lovely blog award too, if you are interested


  14. Loved that Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Beckinsale stile! Very cool blog!!! "_


  15. I love the hair styles they look great, well done!! :) xx

  16. love your blog as well! You have great tutorials! I really like this post =)

  17. Hi! It's really a useful tutorial.. I'm wondering why u stop blogging.. coz I do really enjoy your blog...