Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ciaté Nail Polish Review- Nude Trio

I had seen the Ciaté Paint Pots floating around the blogging/youtube 'beauty community' for a while and the cute packaging always stood out to me yet I had never tried them or even looked into getting them at all. I had been looking for a good nude colour when I came across Fleur's blogpost on the perfect nude here. The next day I was flicking through the latest issue of Marie Claire and there was a £10 off code for Ciaté...this was definitely a nail polish sign if ever there were one...so here's what I got... 

So whilst looking for the perfect nude I stumbled across 3...typical, they came in a lovely little trio set for £22 it was then £12 after my discount code. There are so many lovely colours to choose from it was a difficult decision but this little gift set seemed perfect. I'm not sure this particular set is still available but they do lots more and all the colours I got; Beach Melba, Couture, Cookies and cream are all available separately at £9 and can be bought from the website here. I don't know if they can be bought in shops, I have not seen them anywhere yet but if anyone has let me know.

Cookies and Cream

This is after 2 coats and its a lovely grey nude...and with such a cute name I knew I would like it!

I was very impressed with how long they lasted. I have never really found a nail polishes that is more long lasting than my trusty Barry M nail paints but this definitely beats it. The above picture was taken after about 5 days of wear, although there are a few small chips at the ends of the nail I would still be perfectly happy to keep it on longer, I only took it off then because I was dying to try out the other colours!


This was the original nail polish I was going to go for and it is probably my favourite out of the three. Its a lovely subtle pinky nude and looks great after 2 coats.

Beach Melba

It was only until I began writing this that I read the name properly and realised it was called Beach Melba not Peach Melba...which explained why it was such a different colour to Barry M's Peach Melba. Anyway, this colour is almost just a sheerer version of Ciaté's Couture. This is after 3 coats of application. Whilst its a very nice colour its probably my least favourite out of the three just because its a bit too nude for me. I do however think it would be a great nail colour if you were doing a french manicure with a white tip, its a really nice natural colour.

There was a time when I didn't think I would find any nail polish to beat the quality and consistency of Barry M's nail paints but this one is definitely in the runnings. Although its a bit pricier and I wouldn't normally pay much more than £3 for a nail polish as there are plenty available for that price I definitely recommend checking out Ciaté, especially as on the website there are a huge range of colours available and they do nice sets which save you a bit of money.

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  1. I love all three of these! So gorgeous and I love the packaging!
    Is there a still a code for these floating about anywhere? xxx

  2. Hi...this might be a bit of a long winded explanation but here it goes...I just tried using the code again to see if it works, it doesn't otherwise I would have happily let you use it. I got mine in the August ( most recent) edition of Marie Claire magazine, its just on an advert for ciaté somewhere in the middle. Im a subscriber to that magazine though so don't know if it's the same as if you buy it regularly. I do remember reading that there was a free ciaté gift in marie claire this month if you buy it normally, so maybe thats the alternative? so worth checking out anyway...hope that helped a bit.


  3. I'll google it and have a look around :) thanks for your help lovely! xxx

  4. the second one is my fave! they all look lovely on you!!! :)

  5. I love the third one! <3 Though they all look amazing - I love nude polish!

    Lost in the Haze

  6. I like these polishes alot!! :)


  7. I am absolutely loving the cookies n cream colour, and damn u triggered my manicure bug! hehe

    lovely blog, im following u now for sure! pls also do check out mine and follow too if u like it :) it'd be greatly appreciated!


  8. I had a completely different experience with my CIATE polish, didn't find it long lasting at all! Barry M still my old faithful. Though mine was a bright colour so perhaps could try a nude? I love the first shade you had on.

    My review here: