Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Haul- Pamper Time

I popped into Boots yesterday with the intention of getting a hair mask that would sort out the dryness from all the swimming i've been recently doing.....but of course I picked up some extra things. I also got some great recommendations for hair products from my lovely followers, but in the tiny Boots I went into there was limited choice available, heres what I got.......

  • Chocolate Masque- £1.01
  • John Frieda Miraculous Recovery- £5.89
  • Watter bobble- £10.00
  • Umberto Giannini enviable body blow dry spray- £5.49
  • Umberto Giannini shapely body mousse-  £5.49.....there was a special offer and I got these 2 products for £7.50, I love a bargain!

I'd been looking into getting one of these bottles for a while and just never got round to it. I happened to see them when I was in Boots so thought I would pick it up. Now I know to some of you this may seem silly...but I'm just fussy about my water! Water is all I tend to drink really, people think i'm being cheap or on a health kick, but really I just like it. At home I always drink filtered water so this bottle that filters any kind of water as you drink seemed perfect (apparently it can even make dirty puddle water drinkable, although I'm not sure I want to try that). Also better than reusing lots of plastic bottles so i'm doing my part for the environment ;)

This mask was also something I just picked up on a whim. I'm prone to very dry skin and while my Liz Earle products tend to normally keep it under control I have been a bit lazy with it recently so thought I would use this as a bit of a pick me up before I got back into my routine. Now I used it this morning and while I wouldn't say its the best product in the world its not bad, would probably use it again, and it left my skin feeling nice and smooth. The smell alone was probably worth it, smelt just like chocolate mousse, good enough to eat.....although I just about resisted. 

Insert scary photo now......

Yep and here it is, looking like I rubbed chocolate all over my face, lovely.

 I plan to do a separate review on the Umberto Giannini and John Frieda products as they fit quite well together as a nice little hair care post. I've been wanting to try out Umberto Giannini products for a while, had to stop myself from buying everything in the range as I just couldn't justify buying shampoo, conditioner, hairspray etc when I have ones that do me just fine for now.

Hope you enjoyed, 



  1. I saw Blair (juicystar07) mention the waterbottle on her channel. Will have to look out for that in boots.

    Great haul :D


  2. I am always carrying plastic water bottles around with me so this was really interesting as an alternative. I may need to get myself one! xo

  3. I'm a bit late to the party I had not heard of these bottles and they sound like a great idea. Loving the picture of you wearing the mask :)

  4. I didn't know you could get waterboble thingy in boots! I am so getting it when i go to England this month <3

  5. I love those face masks, cheap yet fun! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, it really meant so much! I've followed, perhaps you could follow back?

    Sophie xo

  6. Thank you for your comment :) I am a new follower here. Your blog is so cute!