Friday, 20 May 2011

Lets get 'Naked'!

So the Urban Decay Naked Palette has been talked about over and over again but i'm new to this blogging thing so thought I would jump on the bandwagon...why not!? Better late than never eh?

I have had it for quite a few months now so sadly its not all shiny and new but more well loved!
Mine came with the primer potion and the urban decay double ended eyeliner with black in; zero and brown in; whiskey. I believe they now come with a brush instead though.
So here it is and I really do love and use all of the colours. I am a very neutral eyeshadow person, I would love to be daring and have the nerve to rock some crazy eye colours as there are some gorgeous colours available but i'm just not brave enough. That said this is the perfect neutral eye palette because although its neutral it is by no means boring! The majority of the shades contain quite a bit of shimmer with the exception of Naked and Buck
The 12 different shades give you the ability to create lots of very different looks and on a day to day basis this is all I really need in terms of eye shadow. Very handy if you are going away somewhere too.
This is a swatch of all the eyeshadows on my arm over urban decay's primer potion. I have tried it both with and without the primer and the primer really does bring out the colour and improve its staying power. I use these shadows regular on nights out which can include hours of some crazy dancing :S and I can safely say I have no problems with creasing or it rubbing off at all, I was very impressed!
From Left to Right the Colours are;
  • Virgin
  • Sin
  • Naked
  • Sidecar
  • Buck
  • Half Baked
  • Smog
  • Darkhorse
  • Toasted
  • Hustle
  • Creep
  • Gunmetal

Although I feel the camera may have blended the colours together a bit ( more than they were in real life) I used Toasted on the whole lid, Hustle as a crease colour, Virgin on my inner corners and Sin blended up to my brow bone as a highlight. I also dusted a bit of half baked over the entire lid as this is very shimmery and I like the added bit of sparkle!
With the flash on after I lined my eye with L'oreal's super liner carbon gloss (which I love!) and used Maybelline's ' The Falsies volum' express' (again one of my favourites)
Here I did a bit more of a dramatic smokey eye look using; gunmetal all over the lid, creep in the crease, side car blended in from the inner corner and sin blended up to the brow bone.

To complete this look I would probably have added urban decays black liner in Zero and smudged it out to give a heavy smokey eye look.

Over all I love this Palette (I am in no way affiliated with this product or company and it was purchased with my own money) and I think that the pigmentation is fantastic and the colours would be great for everyone. A thumbs up from me!

Hope you enjoyed
L xoxo


  1. I love the naked palette, it's fabulous!

  2. I'm your first follower! great blog