Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Award: Best Blog

I have't been blogging for long so this award was all very exciting for me! Thanks :) 

Rules of this award are:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this to you:

2. Share 7 random things about yourself:
  • I have a tortoise
  • I love to flip (of the backflipping variety)
  • I get huge obsessions with celebrity styles (currently Olivia Palermo)
  • I am watching the hills right now- Love!!
  • I am addicted to jaffa cakes
  • I draw a lot (and other arty fartsy things)
  • I stand at the height of 5ft 4 inches

    3. Award 15 Blogs: Now I haven't actually awarded 15 because I really wanted to narrow it down to some of my favourites, I also didn't choose all my favourites but those I felt particularly deserved to be more known than they people should read them! :)

      4. Answer the following questions:

      • Your favourite colour: an obnoxious shade of lime green, but clothes wise I like nudey beiges ( I can choose more than 1 right? )
      • Favourite song at the moment: I could never choose a favourite, but right now The A team- Ed Sheeran is playing...yea I quite like that song :)
      • Your favourite dessert: New York Cheesecake made by my mum
      • What is pissing you off: right now? nothing i'm very content
      • When you're upset you: moan about it to my friends
      • Your favourite pet: I am equally fond of my tortoise and dog
      • Black or White: black
      • Biggest fear: I dont know, lets not make this depressing
      • Best feature: hair?
      • Everyday attitude: no such thing, my mood is very changeable
      • What is perfection: an unattainable goal
      • Guilty pleasure: buying clothes/makeup/jewellery etc. (how predictable)

        Thanks for the award and congrats if I awarded you, believe me I thought about it carefully. Carry it on if you want to, its a great way to share the love and find new blogs <3

        xoxo L


        1. Congrats on your award and thanks passing it on to me x

        2. Aww thank you! Only just came across your blog, definitely followed! This made me smile :) xxx

        3. Awww, thank you so much thats really sweet!
          It made me happy :D

        4. Thank You for the award it was really sweets and the lovely comment you left and I done the same so I am sharing the love :) xo

        5. Yay congrats on the award dear!

        6. hello, thankyou so much for commenting on my blog. i love hearing peoples views. you are also stunning might i add and thankyou again. your blog is very unique and interesting and im hoping for you to post more, thanks again. deffinatley followed{:


        7. congratz gurl! <3
          i hope i can own some awards too someday ahhah!(*daydreams)