Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mulberry: Happy 40th Birthday!

All the obsessive Mulberry fans out there lets join together in celebration of 40 years of the 'luxury English fashion' that is Mulberry. Hooray!

As a big Mulberry fan myself I thought I would take this opportunity to share with some of my favourite pictures. I love the simplicity of the brand and have vowed to myself that I WILL one day own the Alexa bag which has definitely reached cult status.

According to Mulberry the Alexa is 1 part Bayswater + 1 part Elkington + a dash of vintage inspiration= The Alexa

'Mulberry' The book

In celebration of Mulberry's 40th anniversary they have released a book showing the brands journey throughout the past two years since the brands popularity rocketed. Taking nearly three years to make it was shot by photographer Venetia Dearden. It shows the models, Somerset Factory and 'captures the heart and pulse of Mulberry' in one luxurious book. Going by my love for the brand and beautifully shot Mulberry Advertisements I think this book looks fabulous! If anyone has purchased it I would love to hear about it :)

It can be bought from Mulberry in store or the website here

In addition to this, Mulberry currently has a great sale on with up to 50% off on many items....if you are like me sadly then it may still be too pricey for your budget, but if you were thinking about investing it's definitely worth a look.

For now I will continue to drool at pictures of the lovely bags and purses...who will join me?

Are you a Mulberry fan? I would love to know your favourite Piece :)

Hope you enjoyed

xoxo L

P.S I am in know way affiliated with this company or have been told to say any of this...ha I wish!


  1. I love their bags! Though I don't own any :)

  2. I love Mulberry and would love to own a Mulberry bag. I would love the book too! Lovely blog, I'm following.